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Stacked Summit

Join an incredible group of creatives with the united goal of helping each other, and climbing to the top of the field.

What is the Stacked Summit?

Stacked Summit is a community of experts that gather for a one hour weekly Zoom Session to upskill and stay at the very front of the web design field.

For only $12/month the Stacked Summit gives you the ability to stand on the shoulders of people who have been there and fast-track your successes.

  • It is so much more than just a zoom session... for me, it is a safety net to take on bigger projects, and for the price of a weekly coffee.

What will you get each week?

Here are just a few of the benefits of being in the Stacked Summit.

  • 1-zoom

    Weekly online Zoom training

    Every week we gather for an hour to upskill and be motivated and inspired.

  • 2-slack

    Slack Channel Community

    Slack channel access to development and design experts

  • 3-estimate

    We will help write estimates for you

    It can be difficult to scope a project and then quote a price. We can help you in record time.

  • 4-proposal

    We will help write proposals for you

    You'll never get caught with scope creep or waiting for content again. We are experts at writing detailed and water tight proposals.

  • 5-website

    Pre-built Websites

    We have built a library of over 400 templates that you can use for FREE! This includes full websites with inner pages ready to go.

  • 6-assets

    Templates and Assets

    We have pre-prepared contracts, documents, forms, and more that you can repurpose and use as your own.

  • 7-stackedsite

    'Stacked Site Creative' Badge

    You will be able to demonstrate your inner knowledge and connection to the Stacked Site community by proudly showing off your badge.

gradientArtboard 1@3x

Members can proudly display the Stacked Site Creative badge to demonstrate a greater understanding of the platform and access to expert tools and support.

list-imgArtboard 1@3x

Lock in your spot

You are welcome to try your first zoom session for free. For those ready to lock in their position and join the community... you can purchase a subscription to the community for only $12/month.