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EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE Somewhere between a website builder and WordPress, lives Stacked Site.

If you want the ease of a builder, but the flexibility and scalability of a WordPress site, then you want a Stacked Site.

Stacked Site

Website Builders

Easy to use and easy to learn, but are less flexible and if you outgrow your site you will have to rebuild.

Stacked Site

The best of both worlds - Easy drag'n'drop for beginners with the flexibility and scalability of WordPress.


Flexible, Robust & Scalable but a steep learning curve. You will certainly need a developer.


Stacked Site is a configured WordPress environment with an easy drag'n'drop interface for beginners, with the flexibility and scalability of WordPress.

Stacked Site

What is a Stacked Site?

Stacked Site is the ultimate, managed WordPress environment, featuring a well-supported ecosystem of premium plugins alongside an expert community and a stack of support. We manage updates, upgrades, security, performance tuning and backups. All so that you can focus on your business.

Stacked Site and WordPress offer over 55,000 plugins and extensions - more than any other platform in the world. We have done the testing for you and have approved plugins which won't break your site.

Mobile Friendly

Beautiful on any device no matter how big or small.

Built with WordPress

The #1 leader of CMS, 29% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.


Fully Secure

Enjoy Free SSL and Amazon CloudFlare Content Distribution on us.

Hundreds of Templates

Whether you want a home page, about page, contact page, landing page, product page... we have them all.

Optimised and performance tuned to load fast!

We optimise every aspect from hosting hardware, server configuration, caching services, and site setup syndicated through CloudFlare CDN.

Live, Front End Editing

Change anything on your site through the front-end editor. Change, swap, move, add new modules, you can even add new template rows too.







Text Editor




Icon Group


over 100 other modules!


Search Engines love Our Sites!

Smart coding, full SEO capability and super fast loading give it an A+.


Your setup in the dashboard

You can put the most important things up front.

Built with a designer’s eye

Our templates have been created from scratch using consistent colours, fonts, image style, buttons and spacing.

Coded with child theme

Because we use child themes and select plugins, you can be sure any updates will never break anything.


Help Center

We are ready to support you for any help or assistance that you may need.

Over 300,000 hi-res photos in your dashboard

Over 300,000 free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.


Hourly Backups

While you sleep, we are taking backups. Whenever you need to roll back it's easy.


Attention to detail

Dashboard logos, favicon, themed login/logout pages, different logos for retina, 404 error pages and more.

Website Builders vs Stacked Site vs WordPress

If you are weighing up which platform to use then this comparison table should help you.

In general, builders are awesome because they are simple to use, while WordPress is awesome because you can do almost anything!

Stacked Site is the best of both worlds where everything is possible.

FeaturesWebsite BuildersStacked SiteWordPress
Ease of Editing Drag'n'drop Drag'n'drop Backend WYSIWYG Editors
Ease of UseEasy, but no access to codeYou can choose to do eitherDifficult and will need to tweak code
FlexibilitySmall number of plugins and extensions availableOver 20,000+ plugins supported and testedOver 50,000+ plugins, but some will break your site
Hosting Included
TrainingSometimes Training VideosIndividual 1-1 onboarding lesson, 4 week group training zoom sessions, extensive video library
Support Ticket and Chat Ticket, Chat, ScreenshareForums
ScaleabilityIf you hit the ceiling, you need to rebuild elsewhere.If you hit the ceiling you can move your site to a different host and continue to grow

What is included in a Stacked Site?

With a Stacked Site, we manage updates, upgrades, security, performance tuning and backups. All so that you can focus on your business. 

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Launch your new site in moments with our 60 Second Setup

Get yourself online fast with our quick and easy setup. Grab a pre-built template and add your own flair or start from the ground up if you're feeling adventurous. With the power of WordPress and the ease of a website builder, there is no limit on what you can achieve.

With Stacked Site, Everything is Possible.

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