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26 April 2016 What's Making Visitors Leave Your Website?

If your website has been recording a high bounce rate, despite a strong website design and content, then you may want to get in touch...

If your website has been recording a high bounce rate, despite a strong website design and content, then you may want to get in touch with a Brisbane web design expert to see what is causing it. Here are some common reasons that make visitors leave websites.


If ads are hogging most of your website real estate then you are in for some trouble. Most website visitors leave a site when the ad content on it is overflowing. What’s more is it also makes site trust quotient take a hit, as users now recognise that you have an ulterior motive.

Of course, if your website primarily depends on ads to stay afloat, then you cannot scrap all ads on the site; you do not have to scrap all the ads on your site even otherwise. What you want to do is to keep the ad versus actual content balanced, giving more space for the latter.

Understand that ads tend to distract your user from the actual content on your site. Now, this may not be a bad thing if you depend on just ads for monetization. However, if you have a business product/service that you are trying to sell, ads will take the focus off it.

Pop-ups and auto-plays

Pop-up displays and auto-play videos are among the most common reasons why users leave a site. The problem with both these website features is they materialise unannounced, when in reality, users would like to be in control of the information that they see on the site.

You would also want to check if pop-ups or auto-play videos may be causing your bounce rates to increase. No doubt, a video that displays how your product/service works or a pop-up that asks users to register to your newsletter could help drive conversions; at least that is the idea behind these notorious visitor rebound features.

However, they may not be having the same results as you expect. You want to use measuring tools to evaluate whether it is benefiting your site or working against it, and then decide whether or not you want to keep it, say Brisbane search engine optimisation experts.

Lack of trust and/or personality

It’s interesting how traits that visitors look for in a website vary around the world. A business is France would do better focusing on how trustworthy their website appears, while one in Mexico would do better focusing on how desirable the design of the site appears.

Australian users look for a mix of both, so you may want to get your site evaluated by Brisbane website design agency to see how your site scores on these factors. Build a distinct personality for your brand if you can. A run-off-the-mill website won’t garner the same attention as one with a distinct personality and creative website design.


Dave Spicer

Dave founded Stacked Site to create a place where people can not only learn web design but be handed templates, documents, processes and be taught to find their own clients. His mission is to give people the tools to create wonderful businesses that light up their lives. Dave is a business owner by day, professional musician by night.

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