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Ever had a client ask you for a website, only to have to say “No, I don’t build websites”?

Now you can say yes… and we can be your silent secret weapon.

We do all the ‘tricky’ stuff behind the scenes, whitelabelled so you are the hero.

Now you can start building websites
for your clients.

You do the fun stuff like styling, adding text and images. We’ll do all the hard, geeky stuff. 

How does it work?

Our partners will tell you there is a lot more than is on this list.

We basically bend over backwards to make sure you are successful and have everything you need to build websites that actually work. We have hundreds of templates to get you started, hundreds of video tutorials, and we also jump on the phone with you whenever you need it. If we are a good fit for each other, we generally end up seeing a lot of each other. 🙂

What do YOU do?

  • You create the pages, buttons, images and add text.
  • You charge your clients whatever you think is fair.
  • You will be the point of contact to your clients. We remain silent unless you ask us to talk to your client.
  • You earn recurring commissions on the hosting also. This means you can create an extremely generous monthly revenue stream.

What do WE do?

  • We train you to build websites.
  • We give you thousands of dollars worth of plugins
  • We jump in whenever you get stuck (fair usage policy).
  • We do the geeky stuff so you don’t have to.
  • We support you as much as possible.
  • We make sure your clients site never gets hacked, breaks or shows errors.

Oh yeah… and the only money we charge, is the monthly hosting
which is paid by your client.

That’s right. The only catch is.. we choose our partners carefully. We need to be a good fit for each other!

We work best with people who have very little coding knowledge but are quite tech savvy. They usually have lots of clients and could benefit financially by adding websites to the list of services they offer.

Ok… I’m a little interested.

Awesome. We would love an opportunity to show you how it works. 

Enter your details in this form and you will be sent all the information you will need. We will also reach out to talk to your personally. If at that stage you have read what you need and are not interested… no problem at all. We thank you for your interest!