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Expert designers who will set up your website for free.

We know it sounds too good to be true... but some things are simply too good.

Why are they doing this for free?

These experts know their way around the Stacked Site platform and are extremely efficient - they will blow you away! They are hoping if they do that, then you will use them again and again as your business grows into the future. They are in it for the long game.

Here's what you can expect.

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    Get up and running fast.

    You can choose a template and have your own website within minutes. 

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    Your own dedicated expert

    Unlike other platforms, you will be assigned an expert (who most likely lives near you) who can help you get familiar with the platform and then complete an hour of one-one training for free.

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    Plugins, Security and Backup

    Your website will be looked after by the Stacked Site team. Each month your site will be updated, security hardened, performance tuned, backed up (hour), and every now and again upgraded with new features!

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    Premium plugins are included

    On other platforms, it can cost thousands purchasing the premium plugin licenses you need. With Stacked Site it is ALL covered. There are never hidden costs.

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    Change it yourself, simply.

    No more paying your developer to make simple changes with our easy to use visual editor. From small content updates and pictures to new pages, it’s all just a click away. Did we mention you get an hours one-one training for free?

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    Super fast loading times

    Please the big search engines with minimal loading times thanks to our optimised hosting platform. Get constant backups and security updates to stay safe.

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    Be supported

    Your dedicated expert will most likely have support packages if you need more hands on support. Because the framework is built in WordPress you will always be able to find people who can assist you.

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So what is the process?

In short, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will connect you (via email introduction) to a designer on the platform who will answer your questions, set up your template and then give you an hours training - all for FREE. 

"the professionalism coupled with their warmth, enthusiasm and prompt turn around, made for a more than favourable outcome. I love my new site!"

- Maree Clancy, Say it now

Request a free trial

Fill out the form and we will connect you (via email) to an experienced designer who is an expert on the Stacked Site platform. Where possible we will connect you with someone close to you.

15 min with an expert

Connect over the phone, Skype or at a coffee shop to answer any questions you have. If it feels like a great fit for you, your designer will set up your template for FREE and set you up with a 30 day free trial to test drive the platform. 

One-one training

Once your site is set up, your designer will give you a one-one training session and teach you how to edit your site! Your designer will be standing by to help you as you continue to build, launch and grow your business into the future.

Our Unique Advantage

Take control of your site.

People always comment on how easy it is. Seriously, you will have control over every pixel on the page and never have to dive into any code. There is almost nothing that the platform can not do. You are now in control.


Got questions?

It's natural to have questions. Here's a few of the most common questions that people have. If you have any other questions please get in touch through our contact form. 

Here's some templates you could choose.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to start a new website. You can launch quickly with any one of our templates. The library consists of over 200 templates and growing every week.

Lock in your trial (and one-one training)

Complete the form below and we will introduce you (vie email) to a Stacked Site trained designer near you.

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  • If we know them we'll reach out and say thanks.
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