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See what it looks like from your users' perspective

Wondering what the whole things looks like? Well, wonder no more. Here's the whole process, as seen by your users.


Here's how it all works

Once we've worked together to create the perfect site for your users, jam-packed with the features they need, the next step is to send it out. From there on in, it's up to your users as to what happens next. To give you an idea of what that process looks like, read on.


The email

Your users receive an email from you, telling them all about the gift you're giving them: a website designed by you with everything they need for their industry.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.19.54 PM


They visit the website

They click on the link to their new website... and wow!

It's up and ready to go. Their own version of the site template just waiting for them to customise it with their own branding, content and images.



They receive a username and password

Along with a link to the site itself, they'll receive login details so they can access the backend of the website. This will enable them to take control of the website and do all the changes necessary to make it their own.



Guided tours and help guides

Of course, we don't just leave it up to them to figure it all out. Upon their first login (and until they choose to dismiss it) they'll be given the option to view an introductory video guiding them through the simple process of making changes.



Branded videos

And don't forget that these videos will be branded with your business, reminding them just who sent them such a lovely gift.



They can easily edit their site

Editing is so easy that users can quickly make tweaks so their website is customise and ready to show off to the world.



Upgrade and launch

To keep the site, they simply upgrade their hosting to a paid plan and choose a custom domain.

It is $29/month and Stacked Site take care of backups, updates, upgrades, security and performance tuning.


The long term benefit

There are many ways that users are reminded that this was a generous gift from you, and here are just a few.

  • Your logo above the login

    Branding reminders, or anything else... this is an opportunity to place a subtle reminder about your involvement.

  • Your custom dashboard

    When logging in, users can see your 'welcome mat'. A custom designed area that displays a message, latest news, or anything you can think of.

  • Backlink in the footer

    Whether for SEO or for directing new traffic to your site, the footer link can prove to be a huge benefit.

  • Links to your products or services

    When users login, they are presented with opportunities to purchase your products and services in the dashboard.

Some reasons you
should do this.

We have outlined the benefits for you and your members and we hope you are as excited as we are. 

Benefits for you.

It will take only a few hours of your time to give this incredible gift to your members. In return check out how you can benefit.

  • You can earn additional revenue. At $29 from each site that is kept, it works out to $29,000 for just 1000 sites.

  • You are giving your members a HUGE value add (for effectively no work)

  • You get to solidify your branding with ongoing logo placement

  • For years to come, you will get ongoing sales because your products and services are displayed every time a user logs into their dashboard

  • You will entice traffic to your pages by displaying your backlink in every site's footer

Benefits for your members.

The question is what will your members think of your gift? Well here's why they might love you.

  • Receive the perfect website

  • No development costs

  • Use a proven model endorsed by someone they trust

  • 30 days FREE to play with the site

  • If users wish to continue using their site past 30 days, they can upgrade to a pro site for $29AUD/month (~$20USD/month)

  • Pro sites have managed backups, upgrades, security hardening, monitoring, performance tuning and domain mapping to the URL of their choice

Have a look at a sample website.

We have created a website for you to get an idea of the design quality. If you were keen to go ahead we would build the perfect site for your members with all the bells and whistles we could squeeze in... eCommerce, appointment bookings, membership areas, etc.