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One tutorial each day,
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Welcome to your Stacked Site Getting Started Series

You’re off to a good start! Learning the platform from the ground up will allow you to stretch your creativity and develop your own techniques more effectively.

One step at a time

In this short course, we will provide you with quick and easy-to-digest learning resources, sent directly to your email. Each topic is paired with optional practical exercises in a single module and is distributed throughout a 14-day period, one lesson a day.

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Getting Started Series Lessons Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. WordPress in a Nutshell
  3. Your New Best Friend - The Beaver Builder Visual Editor
  4. Customising Your Website’s Text
  5. Adding Your Own Image
  6. Choosing Your Colours
  7. Changing Your Colours
  8. License-free Image Library
  9. Changing Your Button Links
  10. Choosing and Changing Your Font
  11. Adding Your Logo

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